About Us

Possibility Storm is produced by Alex Wolf and Brian Dale.
Alex has been playing Magic since Revised, albeit with a number of breaks along the way. He began playing competitively during Lorwyn block, and specializes in limited and Modern. Alex first began creating Magic content in 2015 as a deckbuilding writer for MTGCanada.com, and pioneered several well-known decks such as Eldrazi Death & Taxes (which he still insists should be called “Death and Tentacles.”).
Brian has been playing Magic since Fourth Edition, and after a break returned permanently to the game in 2013. He has since become a fairly active Level 1 Judge and self-proclaimed pain-in-the-butt. Brian has been an active member of several large MTG communities, and uses his rules mastery to throw our puzzlers some pretty wonky curveballs from time to time.