Eric Fletcher

Eric Fletcher is one of our two Great Designer Search finalists! Take a look at his four puzzles below and make sure you cast your vote on Twitter and/or Facebook before September 19!

(Click here to see the guidelines/requirements for each level’s submission.)

Proto-Puzzle Submission:

Proto-Puzzle Solution

  1. Attack with Lightning Mare
  2. It must be blocked, or you could pump it to lethal, so it trades with a Knight
  3. Cast Demanding Dragon
  4. Sarkhan’s Unsealing triggers, killing the second Knight
  5. When Demanding Dragon enters the battlefield, the opponent is unable to sacrifice a creature, and takes 5 damage.

Uncommon Puzzle Submission:

Uncommon Puzzle Solution

  1. Cast Poison-tip Archer
  2. Use Vraska’s +2 to give Attendant of Vraska +1/+1 and Menace
  3. Attack with all 3 attackers. Opponent loses 4 life and you gain 4 life. (9 life remaining)
  4. Opponent’s best block is both Knights on the Attendant (Other blocks deal at least as much total damage)
  5. Opponent takes 4 damage from unblocked Conquistadors (5 life remaining)
  6. Both Knights, and the Attendant, die, triggering Archer for 3 additional damage (2 life remaining)
  7. Cast Final Payment, sacrificing one Conquistador to kill the other
  8. Archer triggers for the final 2 points of damage

Rare Puzzle Submission:

Rare Puzzle Solution

  1. Use +1 on Liliana, opponent goes to 18
  2. Use -7 on Liliana, targeting Paradise Druid and Elenda. Put both of them into play on your side, and proliferate Domri and Nicol Bolas.
  3. Nicol Bolas uses Liliana’s +1, opponent goes to 16
  4. Nicol Bolas uses Liliana’s -7, targeting paradise Druid and Deathgorge Scavenger. Put both of them into play on your side.
  5. Elenda gets two counters; proliferate Domri + Elenda; Scavenger exiles Nicol Bolas and gets +1/+1
  6. Use Domri’s +2, giving all your creatures +1/+1 and Haste
  7. Use Domri’s -8, giving all your creatures +3/+3 and Trample
  8. Attack with everything, exiling Domri for another +1/+1, for 5 + 8 + 9 = 22 trample damage. Opponent blocks with a 2 toughness Shanna and 4 toughness Hydra, and takes 16.

Mythic Puzzle Submission:

Mythic Puzzle Solution

  1. Sacrifice elemental, and tap all lands to cast Tamio’s Epiphany, floating BBU
  2. Stack your deck such that the top four cards include, in order: Fblthp, Footlight Fiend, and Moodmark Painter. Another unknown card can be anywhere in that stack.
  3. Draw 2 cards.
  4. Cast Fblthp, and draw a card
  5. Cast Footlight Fiend
  6. Sacrifice Fblthp and Footlight Fiend to the priest, targeting both players.
  7. Use Footlight Fiend to kill a token
  8. Sacrifice the Priest to her own ability. Opponent takes 2 and sacks a second token.
  9. Cast Moodmark Painter, granting Pardic Wanderer +4/+0 and Menace.
  10. Attack for 9 unblocked.