Zach Howell

Zach Howell is one of our two Great Designer Search finalists! Take a look at his four puzzles below and make sure you cast your vote on Twitter and/or Facebook before September 19!

(Click here to see the guidelines/requirements for each level’s submission.)

Proto-Puzzle Submission:

Proto-Puzzle Solution

  1. Attack with both creatures.
  2. If opponent blocks the 5/3, cast Moment of Triumph on the unblocked first striker. Kill them before regular damage is dealt.
  3. If opponent blocks the first striker, cast Divine Verdict on the lifelinker. Kill them at regular damage step.

Uncommon Puzzle Submission:

Uncommon Puzzle Solution

  1. Activate Walker of the Wilds ability to make an untapped forest a 2/2. Have 3 untapped forests.
  2. Use Nissa’s +1 to untap a forest & make it a 3/3. Have 4 untapped forests.
  3. Attack with all creatures (2 3/3 forests, 1 3/3 walker, 1 2/2 forest). Opponent optimally blocks 2 3/3s. Have 3 untapped forests.
  4. Activate Walker of the Wilds ability to give the unblocked forest +4/+4. Hit the opponent for 9.

Rare Puzzle Submission:

Rare Puzzle Solution

  1. Play Viashino Pyromancer dealing 2 damage to Sorin.
  2. Use Sorin’s -3 ability to put Bishop of Binding into play. Sorin dies.
  3. Target the opponent’s Deputy of Dention with Bishop of Binding. Your Lumbering Battlement returns to the battlefield.
  4. Exile all your creatures to Lumbering Battlement. Your Bishop of Binding leaves play, returning your opponent’s Deputy of Dentention to the battlefield.
  5. Your opponent must target your only nonland permanent, the Lumbering Battlement, which leaves play & returns all your other creatures to the battlefield.
  6. Target your opponent with the Viashino Pyromancer & your opponent’s Deputy of Detention with the Bishop of Binding.
  7. This is infinite. Repeat until the opponent is dead!

Mythic Puzzle Submission:

Mythic Puzzle Solution

  1. Cast shock targetting the opponent for 2 damage, bringing them to 16 life.
  2. Cast Role Reversal targetting Thousand Year Storm & Blanchwood Armor. Have the copy target Azorious Skyguard & a goblin token.
  3. Let the copy resolve, then with the other Role Reversal still on the stack, cast Charge to give your creatures +3/+3.
  4. The opponent’s Daybreak Chaplain now gets +0/+0 from the Blanchwood Armor you control & -1/-0 from the Azorious Skyguard you control.
  5. So the opponent has a 0/3 & 3 0/1s for 6 total toughness.
  6. You have 13 + 9 = 22 damage in attackers. Attack for 16.”