How it Works

All our supporters at $5+/month levels are eligible to submit answers to each puzzle as they are released and compete for prizes. (View support levels here.)

Think you’re ready to take on our other puzzle competitors? Here’s a few quick details about how it works.


Our leaderboard and prizing is reset every puzzling season, which are bound by the release dates of standard sets.

Generally speaking, the first puzzle of each season will come out in the week in between prerelease and release. i.e. Ixalan is released on September 29, 2017, and our first puzzle of the Ixalan season comes out to competitors on September 26. (Non-competitor patrons will see it on release date, and we’ll post it publicly the week after. See our schedule for more details.)

Each season will generally have nine competitive puzzles. When each new puzzle is posted (Tuesday 9:00am ET), you will be able to submit answers until Thursday 11:59PM of the same week.

Submitting Answers

PS competitors will be given access to a separate login system to submit answers. This access is given manually upon sign up by email and/or private message through Patreon before each new puzzle is posted. (If you sign up while a competitive puzzle is live, we will do our very best to get you the login information while you still have time to submit an answer.)


Please see our scoring page for details.


Our prize pool grows as we gain more supporters, so be sure to keep your eye on each season’s prizes which you can view here. (While you’re there, you can also view our Patreon goals which show how our prizes will increase.)