Patreon Perks

Possibility Storm would not be possible without our terrific supporters. We truly appreciate each and every person who helps make this a reality.

Our support structure is split into supporters and competitors. Supporters receive fun engagement perks such as early puzzle access and the ability to suggest a card, whereas competitors are able to submit answers each week and compete for prizes.

Each support level receives the perks listed below, as well as the perks of each previous level.


$1 per month or more:

  • Access to solution archive (new weekly solutions also available at
  • Early puzzle access
  • Request a card for a future puzzle on sign-up
  • Access to our Patreon feed and poll participation

$2 per month or more:

  • Annual holiday gift (after ~3 months good standing)


$5 per month or more:

  • Extra-early puzzle access
  • Eligibility to submit puzzle solutions, score points, and compete on seasonal leaderboards to win prizes

$10 per month or more:

  • Design a puzzle with us! (After 3 months in good standing)
  • Special summer PS gift pack (in addition to the annual holiday gift)
  • Priority access to future perks and swag items/products