Submission Marking Policy

With competitors rushing to submit their answers faster than everyone else, we occasionally run into answers which appear correct but are somewhat difficult to interpret. Here is the official stance on what will constitute a correct or incorrect answer.

  1. Answers will be marked as “correct” as long as steps are provided that, if interpreted literally, would always lead to a successful solving attempt.
  2. Answers must be valid for all possible outcomes.
    1. This means that multiple scenarios must be accounted for where a difference in step outcome (such as by the opponent’s blocking decision – even ones that would seem unusual to make) could require you to take different steps afterwards.
    2. These multiple scenarios only need to be as descriptive as is necessary. That is, if the steps taken in one scenario would also satisfy another, it must only be described as steps once, so long as it is described that the given angle covers multiple scenarios. (i.e. If several blocking possibilities are available, but all would be otherwise solved by the same steps, it is acceptable to generalize by writing, for example, “regardless of how our opponent blocks… [other steps]”, or “Giant Growth whichever creature goes unblocked.”)
    3. The requirement to provide for multiple scenarios will only be overlooked in situations where the “alternate” scenario is extremely straight forward, such as where your opponent winds up at 3 life with no further way to defend themselves against a castable Lightning Bolt that you have in hand.
  3. Answers must be written in such a way that can be understood, and if followed literally would lead to the correct outcome.
    1. Players will not be penalized for grammar or spelling so long as they do not lead to a step having an ambiguous meaning.
    2. Similarly, Magic slang and shorthands are discouraged, but will be accepted as long as it a) explicitly specifies which cards are being used, b) identifies all targets except where it is glaringly obvious, and c) remains clear what the step communicates. For example:
      • “Dome them for 3 with Bolt” is an acceptable replacement for “Cast Lightning Bolt, targeting the opponent”, but just “Dome them for 3” is not.
      • “Fling Emrakul to deal 15” is an acceptable shorthand for “Fling Emrakul to deal 15 to the opponent”, but “Kill the creature with Doom Blade” would not be unless there is only one target on the entire board.
      • “Tap all creatures” is not an acceptable replacement for “Attack with all creatures”, as “Tap” might have other meanings. However, “Swing with the team” would be acceptable, as although it uses slang, it is very clear. (Note: Unless otherwise specified, just “Attack” will always be interpreted as attacking with all creatures able to do so, and may lead to incorrect answers if one or more needed to not attack for the solution to work.)
    3. Outside of the above language exceptions, solutions with steps that could not be successfully reproduced by a machine will be marked as incorrect.