Earning Prize Points

Earning prize points is easy! Here are the four different ways to do it:

Convert your Leaderboard Points

At the end of each season, all your leaderboard points are automatically converted to Prize Points, 1 for 1.

Finish in the Top 16

If you finish in the Top 16 overall, (in addition to a sweet Top 8 / Top 16 token) you will receive additional prize points as per the below:

  • 1st place: 100 prize points
  • 2nd place: 50 prize points
  • 3rd/4th place: 25 prize points
  • 5th-8th place: 10 prize points
  • 9th-16th place: 5 prize points

Weekly Door Prize

For every week in-season, one competitor chosen at random will be awarded 25 prize points, just for submitting an answer. (Even if it’s not correct! Though it needs to be a real effort in order to qualify.)

Hardcore Tier Quarterly Bonus

All Patrons in our Hardcore Puzzlemaster tier receive an additional 100 prize points at the end of every season. This is the only way to “buy” additional prize points.

Puzzlebreaker Jackpot!

Sometimes (rarely, but sometimes!) it’s possible to find a solution to a puzzle that deals more damage than indicated. Whenever this happens on an in-season puzzle, every player who found the puzzlebreaker line will be rewarded with:

For every in-season puzzle, we add 10 prize points to the jackpot. Follow our public posts on Patreon/Facebook/Twitter to see how big the jackpot is currently!

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