Prize Wall

Trade in your hard-earned Prize Points for PS goodies and/or MTG product!

All point totals include shipping within the United States. (internationally during prize closure)

For PS products shipped outside the US, a premium may be required to cover a portion of the cost.

For MTG sealed product redeemed outside the US, you must provide us with a source that we can purchase from online (i.e. your LGS, or any other vendor local to you).

Check out the items, then use the order form (link at the bottom of the page – you must sign into Patreon) to submit your request. We will confirm and ship shortly afterwards!

Standard items:

One-of-a-kind Items:

Price List:

Items and prices with strikethrough are either not available or discounted as we close our prizing program. To order, see instructions on Patreon here.
  • PS Playmat – 300 pts
  • PS Deckbox (various colors available) – 250 120 pts
  • PS Six-Sided Dice (set of 6) – 125 70 pts
  • PS Blackout Basic Land (your choice) – 100 50 pts
  • PS Ravnica Guild Lands (set of two, your choice of guild) – 100 pts
  • PS Double-sided Clue/A. Lundell token – 30 15 pts
  • PS Braniac Token – 15 pts
  • PS Sticker – 10 pts
  • MTG Booster Box – 1600 pts
  • MTG Booster Pack – 60 pts
  • Handmade PS Wooden Deckbox – 600 pts

Check your PS Prize Points Balance:

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