058. Dominaria Preview Card MTG Puzzle

Hey everyone, and if this is your first time to Possibility Storm – welcome, enjoy our puzzles! Today we’re excited to bring you our first ever preview card, Gaea’s Protector. And it wouldn’t be Possibility Storm if we didn’t bring it to you in puzzle form! Check out the puzzle (and solution if necessary) below, and a bit more about the card below the fold. Enjoy!
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  1. Cast Giant Spectacle on Gaea’s Protector.
  2. Cast Gift of Strength on your opponent’s Ancient Brontodon to give it reach.
  3. Attack with everything! Because Gaea’s Protector must be blocked if able, and has Menace, and there are two creatures that are capable of blocking it, both must.
  4. As a result, only Renegade Wheelsmithvis able to block the other attacking creatures. Because of Afflict, your opponent’s best block is to put the Wheelsmith in front of Ghalta, Primal Hunger. 10 damage tramples through, plus 3 from the unblocked Frontline Devastator. You win!
  Gaea’s Protector is a sweet new card from Dominaria that will be a skillful card to play with in Limited formats. Lure has always been a powerful effect, and while that effect here is scaled back, there’s still a lot of trouble you can cause with forcing a block on a 4/2. Auras and combat tricks both could let you trade up, generate meaningful advantage, or in some weirder cases like the puzzle above, act as pseudo-removal to help your other creatures get through. Gaea’s Protector should be a solid limited playable that I look forward to hopefully opening in next weekend’s prerelease! Did you enjoy this puzzle? We’ve got over 50 more available on the site, so take a peek around. AND if you’ve got a knack for solving them, there could be great MTG prizes in your future. Check out our puzzle competition details here. See you when Dominaria season opens April 24!