081. Guilds of Ravnica Preview Card MTG Puzzle!

Hey everyone, and if this is your first time to Possibility Storm – welcome, we hope you enjoy our puzzles! Today we’re excited to be the first to show the world this brand new card from Guilds of Ravnica, Electrostatic Field. Thanks to Wizards of the Coast for giving us this preview content! And of course, it wouldn’t be Possibility Storm if we didn’t bring it to you in puzzle form. Check out the puzzle (and solution if necessary) below, and a bit more about the card below the fold. Enjoy!
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  1. Cast Act of Treason on Arcades, the Strategist. Trigger Electrostatic Field to deal 1 damage to your opponent.
  2. Cast Sleep, tapping each other blocking Dragon. Trigger Electrostatic Field to deal 1 damage to your opponent.
  3. Attack with everyone. Arcades and Electrostatic Field are both Pirates thanks to Arcane Adaptation, so they each get +1/+1 from Admiral Beckett Brass. And since Eletrostatic Field has Defender, it deals damage equal to its toughness – 5! So your attack deals a total of 12, bringing the opponent down to 3.
  4. At the beginning of your end step, since you dealt combat damage to your opponent with three Pirates, Admiral Beckett Brass’s ability triggers. Choose to use it to gain control of Omniscience.
  5. Cast Strangling Spores and Totally Lost for free, targeting anything other than Electrostatic Field, and then cast Spell Swindle for free, targeting either of those two spells. This triggers Electrostatic Field three more times, and brings the opponent down to zero! You win!
  Electrostatic Field is a sweet new card from Guilds of Ravnica that might see play in both limited and constructed if the right combo deck comes along (remember that Guttersnipe is Standard-legal too!).\ Effects like these are always fun and tricky to work with. 1 damage isn’t much, but in the late stages of a game where you just need to squeeze those final few points though, effects like these can help overcome a stalemate to put the game away! Of course, for our purposes, it’s always a lot more fun to cast a whole bunch of spells all at once… ! Did you enjoy this puzzle? We’ve got over 80 more available on the site, so take a peek around. AND if you’ve got a knack for solving them, there could be great MTG prizes in your future. Check out our puzzle competition details here. See you when Guilds of Ravnica season opens October 2!