096. Ravnica Allegiance Preview Card & MTG Puzzle!

Hey everyone, and if this is your first time to Possibility Storm – welcome, we hope you enjoy our puzzles! Today we’re excited to be the first to show the world this brand new card from Ravnica Allegiance, Macabre Mockery. Thanks to Wizards of the Coast for giving us this preview content! And of course, it wouldn’t be Possibility Storm if we didn’t bring it to you in puzzle form. Check out the puzzle below, and a bit more about the card below the fold. Enjoy!
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Loading... Macabre Mockery is a sweet new Rakdos Clan card from Ravnica Allegiance that is bound to end a lot of limited games out of nowhere by reanimating AND stealing one of your opponent’s creatures, boosting its power, and even giving it haste! Personally, my favourite aspect of this new card is that we normally don’t get these types of effects at instant speed. There could be all sorts of nonsense afoot thanks to that! Did you enjoy this puzzle? We’ve got nearly 100 more available on the site, so take a peek around. AND if you’ve got a knack for solving them, there could be great MTG prizes in your future. Check out our puzzle competition details over on our Patreon. See you when Ravnica Allegiance season opens January 22!